Drinking water production plant Vechterweerd

Vitens water supply company developed, along with IA Groep architects and engineers, the sustainable drinking water production plant Vechterweerd in Dalfsen, The Netherlands. IA Groep, including Factor Architecten, produced an integrated design for landscape, architecture, structural design and process engineering for this location.

Starting point for the design was the embedding of the design in the agricultural landscape along the river Vecht. Vechterweerd is designed and built according to an ‘integral sustainability assessment’. This is a new concept in the world of water in which the water supply company lays out a highly sustainable production plant, in consultation with local stakeholders.

The plant was built with sustainable materials such as Accoya wood and has a turf roof. Also, the design of the process installation and the water supply plan is part of the integral sustainability assessment. The installations of the offices and canteen are self-sufficient. The temperature of the process water and the concrete basements is converted to heat and cold for the workspace areas by a heat pump. Solar cells provide electricity. The project received a BREEAM Very Good rating for the design and an Excellent rating for the actual implementation.