Are you studying at the level of senior secondary education or higher professional education in the Netherlands?

Have you just started your studies or are you almost finished and looking for an internship or graduation placement? Interns, pupils and students are always welcome at IA Groep. We are an accredited training company and have extensive experience with internships and graduation programmes. As an intern or graduating student, you will fully participate in the most challenging of projects and you can also choose from various internship and graduation programmes. Dual learning path? Even this is possible! Take a quick look at a selection of the possible internship and graduation programmes that we have on offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in taking part in an internship or graduation programme.

Available internship and graduation programmes

    Graduation in practice

    Each year, the 3E Foundation, in collaboration with Royal SMIT Transformers BV, organises the national competition for the 3E – Royal SMIT BSc Awards. These prizes are given to the best BSc graduates from Universities of Applied Sciences or Technology in the Netherlands within the field of 3E.
    Each University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands may nominate a specific graduation programme for this award. The nomination requirements are as follows: that the project was in the area of energy technology/electricity supply and that a grade minimum of 8 was reached.

    Our employee Marcel Nijland was selected from HAN University of Applied Sciences in 2020. His graduation project was on a very topical subject: the connection of a wind farm at sea. In the end, Marcel came in at third place. What a great reward after such an instructive graduation period at IA Electrical Engineering!